Be the One Your Kid Talks To: The Ultimate Parenting Guide

Be the One Your Kid Talks To: The Ultimate Parenting Guide​

This Parenting Guide provides a template for initiating conversations with your child/teen on a wide range of topics. It outlines difficult topics with vignettes and teachable moments and also includes strategies for bonding with your child, communication, establishing boundaries, and teaching them about money. Listen so your kids will talk to you!

Be the One Your Kid Talks To: The Ultimate Parenting Guide

Be the One Your Kid Talks To: Journal

Be the One Your Kid Talks To: Workbook

No More Pink!: Finding Your New Normal

No More Pink!: Finding Your New Normal

This book is for anyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer (friends, loved ones, family, community, and any supporter of a survivor or anyone with a diagnosis).

“In Dr. Karen Bierman’s handbook No More Pink, she shares her personal journey through cancer diagnosis and treatment, and offers to mentor others with the tips she longed for while she endured chemotherapy. This practical guide makes a comforting companion. Dr. Karen’s experiences as a cancer survivor, a psychologist, and a mom combine to into a unique vantage point from which she provides personal advice for newly diagnosed cancer patients on topics such as grieving your healthy former life, talking to your kids about your diagnosis, accepting help, taking care of your physical needs, and when to seek professional counseling support for depression or anxiety related to your diagnosis. She encourages those who are coping with cancer to learn put their lives in balance and to let go of unhealthy or unnecessary burdens. She shares the realities of her experience with chemotherapy, and advises readers be healthy, but eat what tastes good and to rest when they feel tired. In essence, she guides reader through the process of healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This lovely little book will be a blessing to anyone facing a battle with cancer.”

Melissa Deuter, MD

No More Pink is the ultimate Field Guide for any woman diagnosed with breast cancer, or any form of cancer for that matter. Dr. Karen Truesdell Beirman addresses all the questions, fears, and emotions that a newly diagnosed cancer patient will be confronted with. Her honest accounts of her own battle against breast cancer will bring hope and relatable tears. No More Pink is a necessity for any woman fighting breast cancer.”

Kathy Anne Rodriguez

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified in Plant-based Nutrition through the Center for Nutrition Studies

“Karen Truesdell’s book, No More Pink, is a delight and a must-read for anyone going through breast cancer and or breast cancer recovery. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I wish I had had this book to help me navigate the rough waters of breast cancer and recovery. With genuineness and practicality, Karen gently shares her story, some beautiful poetry, and lots of valuable tips and action steps. There are tons of great suggestions covering every step of the way on the rigorous healing journey coming back from breast cancer. I highly recommend Karen’s real and informative book.”

Stephanie Ellis Ecke, LPC, LCDC


The Balance Book

Nine Months to Balance Life & Work Life


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