Dr. Karen on the
San Antonio Living Show 

Dr. Karen Truesdell shares back to school tips to help parents ease their children back onto a schedule and also address separation axiety in children. 

Balance: Work & Life [TBN’s Doctor to Doctor TV Show]

Dr. Karen Truesdell shares tips on how to balance work and life; reducing stress and improving overall wellness.

Overcoming Divorce [TBN’s Doctor to Doctor TV Show]

Dr. Karen Truesdell shares tips on how 50% of divorces happen around the 7 year mark. Some concerns for children whose parents are going through divorce manifest themselves through emotional difficulties. 

Alzheimers, most common Dementia [TBN’s Doctor to Doctor TV Show]

Vacular Dementia: when arteries feeding the brain narrow or become blocked, frequently occuring right after a stroke. Associated problems: thinking, language, walking, bladder control and vision.

Overcoming Grief  [TBN’s Doctor to Doctor TV Show]

Psychologist Dr. Karen Truesdell goes over the different stages of grief that people go through and offers tips on how to help yourself or another through the bereavement process.

Overcome Chronic Pain [TBN’s Doctor to Doctor TV Show]

Dr. Karen Truesdell addresses the different methods on how to deal with and overcome chronic pain. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Chronic Pain and related Depression & Anxiety Relaxation techniques for managing chronic pain.

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