Dr. Karen has 20 years of experience in Psychology private practice and as a Behavioral Health Consultant for the United States Air Force.  Specialty areas include forensic psychology, performance psychology, depression, anxiety, family dynamics, insomnia, coping with medical diagnoses, cancer, stress management, time management, and balancing work and family life.

Mediator/Family Mediator

Dr. Karen is a certified Mediator and Family Mediator in the State of Texas.  She has extensive background in Forensic Psychology and offers the Mental Health perspective to unique cases. 

Guardian Ad Litem

The Texas Family Code defines “guardian ad litem” as “a person appointed to represent the best interests of a child.” … The GAL court appointment entitles CASA volunteers to have access to all records regarding the child’s situation, including medical, therapeutic, educational and other pertinent records.


Any party may request a guardian ad litem in Texas family courts or the court may appoint one on its own. The guardian ad litem’s role is informative. He or she does not represent the child in court. A child may have an attorney ad litem appointed by the court.

Collaborator/Team Builder

Dr. Karen is a certified Mediator and Family Mediator. She is also certified in Parenting Coordination and Parenting Facilitation. Her work is collaborative with other disciplines (law, medicine, and other mental health professionals). Dr. Karen is an expert in parenting, high conflict with divorce, and positive outcomes for children and families. Her next book addresses parenting and talking to your kids about challenging topics.


Dr. Karen teaches on a wide range of mental health topics and health and wellness topics.  You can see her live, on Zoom, or in her MemberVault Classroom. 

  • No More Pink! Classroom Module
  • Balancing Work & Family Life
  • Coping with Stress
  • Managing Depression
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Coping with Medical Conditions
  • Self-Love
  • 12 Steps of Building a Successful Business


Dr. Karen has written on balancing work and family life and recently launched her book No More Pink! A Handbook to Breast Cancer Survivorship.  Her next book is on talking to your kids about difficult topics. 

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas you have! I’d love to discuss them with you and see how I can help you succeed.

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